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As part of its Sponsor Spotlight series, Charlottesville Ballet features different Corporate Sponsors to share a little bit about what the ballet means to them. This month’s featured corporate sponsor is Avenue Realty!

The Avenue Realty Team on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall

Questions below are answered by Co-Owner & Realtor Amy Cochran of Avenue Realty:
How did your involvement with Charlottesville Ballet begin?
Our involvement with Charlottesville Ballet began when they moved to Northern Albemarle County. Our daughter who was five years old at the time wanted to take ballet lessons. I remember seeing the sign go up and I called a friend who also had a young daughter and told her we were going to have a new option for the girls. We enrolled our daughter to dance at Charlottesville Ballet that first year they opened on 29 North and she continues to dance there today. We were so impressed by our experience we knew we wanted our daughter to dance with these wonderful women AND we wanted to do what we could to support Charlottesville Ballet financially.

CB Co-Founder and Co-Director Emily Hartka & CB Artist Caitlin Lennon accepting a donation from Avenue Realty, LLC! 


Has your involvement with Charlottesville Ballet expanded your appreciation for the arts? 
The interesting thing about live arts is that it is made to look so easy. I think as audience members we sometimes get tricked into thinking that it isn’t too hard. Seeing the dancers performing up-close has given me a new appreciation for their athleticism. I am constantly in awe of these dancers and what they endure so that we can watch something beautiful.
I have had the honor of being involved with the Ballet in several different capacities – a parent of a dancer, a student (thank you Ms. Liz for your patience), a sponsor and a volunteer. I am grateful to the women at the Ballet who have been an inspiration to my now eleven year old daughter. They are never too busy to talk to her and as a mother I appreciate their focus on wellness especially with all the images these young girls see everyday of thin women with perfect hair, teeth, skin, perfect everything.
I have been impressed by the outreach programs Charlottesville Ballet has developed and this is one of the reasons we have wanted to support the Ballet. They are taking the extra steps to enrich the community and we wanted to be part of that. Having the opportunity to volunteer at their professional productions has given me an appreciation for how much work happens behind the scenes. One of my favorite places to be is in the wings during a show. It really is a special place and gives you a real appreciation for the arts. It has made me realize how lucky we are to have the Charlottesville Ballet in our community.

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As a close knit team of real estate professionals committed to the bigger picture, Avenue Realty strives to make all of their clients feel truly at home in our City.

The Daily Progress Readers’ Choice Winner 2018!

-Avenue Realty believes a client’s trust is necessary and earned through honest work and transparent processes.

-Avenue Realty believes home buying and selling are often milestones meant to be celebrated.

-Avenue Realty believes professionalism is a must with our clients and other Realtors.


A HUGE thank you to Avenue Realty for all they do for Charlottesville Ballet and our community!


Find Your Way Home with Avenue Realty!


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