CB Sponsor Spotlight: Avenue Realty

Welcome to Charlottesville Ballet’s Sponsorship Spotlight on the CB Blog! Each post we’ll feature a different CB Corporate Sponsor and share a little bit about what our organization means to theirs and what theirs means to the Ballet. We are delighted to announce this month’s featured corporate sponsor is Avenue Realty, Charlottesville’s boutique real estate firm. Avenue Realty supports the ballet and has housed many of its dancers and families! Every time Avenue Realty represents a member of the CBA community, Avenue Realty makes a gift of $750 to help keep the professional dancers and students on their toes!

Co-Owners Amy and Darian Cochran have been part of the CBA family for a few years, and both Amy and their daughter Maddie are CBA students!

Check out our Q&A with Avenue Realty Owner and CBA Mom, Amy Cochran:


Has it been fun being able to house the ballerinas, so to speak?  
I love working for the Charlottesville Ballet community and the ballerinas!  Everyone at the Charlottesville Ballet is so lovely and it is a real pleasure to be part of such a huge milestone in their lives.
IMG_0890 (2)
CBA Student Maddie Cochran


What’s your favorite part of dance?  
When I watch the dancers of Charlottesville Ballet I am always impressed with how easy the professional dancers make it look because I know it is so difficult.  And being backstage with my daughter has really given me an appreciation for what goes into a live production.  I love the energy backstage and helping the tiny CBA dancers get ready to take the stage.
When I dance, I love that it is impossible to think about anything else.  Maybe other people can dance and let their minds wander, but it takes my full concentration.  It is nice to have an hour a week when I don’t think about anything else but what my body is trying to accomplish.  When class is over I get back to answering clients’ texts, planning dinner for the family and helping kids with homework.  But for that hour, I forget about it all which is a nice mental break from everything else I think about the rest of the week.


IMG_0905 (2)
Do you see any connection to the discipline of dance to running a business?
Absolutely!  There is always something to learn or improve upon and the only way to do your best is to stay dedicated and focused. I find this is true in both dance and running a business.  I can always push myself to be a better dancer ([CBA Teacher] Liz is so patient!) and I have tons and tons to learn.  Running a business is a constant learning process.  There is always a new process or law, new Realtors to train, a webpage that needs to be re-developed, and the list goes on and on.


Do you see the arts as playing a large role in your family?
I think it is important for children to have an appreciation for live arts.  We live in such a digital world and it is so easy to watch a movie or play a video game.  I think it is worth the extra effort to find a live arts experience for children to enjoy and Charlottesville Ballet does a wonderful job with their children series.  It is short, easy, and inexpensive.  It really allows young children to experience the art of dance at a young age and hopefully gain appreciate for it. Taking Maddie to the shows when she was three and four years old is what got her hooked!
 IMG_0896 (2)


How has giving back to the community strengthened your business/connection with Charlottesville?  
I think it just strengthens our commitment to the community in which we live.  We already felt emotionally and socially invested.  When my husband and I visited Charlottesville for the first time we fell in love and decided to pick up the family and move here.  Everyone was so welcoming and we have made so many wonderful friends.  A few years ago we realized that we could really make a difference by make donations to local nonprofits such as the Charlottesville Ballet.
Thank you to Avenue Realty for helping keep dance alive in Central VA! 
(You too can support Charlottesville Ballet through Avenue Realty representation. Contact Amy at [email protected] to find your new home today!)

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