New Children’s Fundraiser: Dancers 4 Dancers

Dear CBA Dancers and Parents,

We are excited to launch a new program called Dancers for Dancers (D4D)! The mission of D4D is to have our Academy students raise money for scholarships and help us continue to make dance accessible to young people in our community.

Our CBA Dancers are being challenged to raise just $12 in the coming weeks. It can be twelve $1 donations, four $3 donations, or any other combination. Any student who raises the $12 will receive a D4D Button, and there are additional prize levels for students who catch our enthusiasm and want to do more!

Donations may be in cash, by check made out to Charlottesville Ballet, or on-line at Dancer donation forms are available at the studio and donations to the D4D scholarship fund may also be made online.

To make a D4D Donation online, please visit our donation page at

Under Dedication Honoree Name, please enter the CBA student’s name who asked you to donate. Toggle down and select “The Scholarship Fund.”

If you are a parent, please allow us a small suggestion. Consider allowing your child to ask for these donations on his or her own. You can assist in coming up with wording, for example:

“I am raising money for dancers who need scholarships for their dance classes at CBA. Would you please support me? Any amount helps, even $1.”

Even if you help your child remember what to say, he or she will still be able to take great pride in any funds raised for the D4D program. All forms and money must be submitted by October 6th. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected] Thank you in advance for your support in this initiative!

For more information about the Dancers 4 Dancers program and how your child can help, please visit

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