Charlottesville Ballet on the Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet Blog

Check out some of the work we’re doing to make ballet a more diverse art form here in Charlottesville. Blog post by the amazing Theresa Ruth Howard of Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet (MOBBallet)!

Co-Director Emily Hartka with Theresa Ruth Howard of MoBBallet

In January, MoBBallet helped facilitate the second International Association of Blacks in Dance Ballet audition for women of color. It was a wonderful gathering of Artistic heads and of dancers as well. In the moment it felt like progress, but it always does in the moment. What happened once all of that energy dissipates is the true measure of efficacy. I am happy to share one Artistic Director’s experience as empirical evidence that the work is paying off.

Emily Harkta of the Charlottesville Ballet was one of the 15 directors to attend the IABD Ballet audition and MoBBallet took a moment to follow up the results of her participation.

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