Our Monthly “Meet the Artist” Series: Eryn Richard

Our “Meet the Artist” Series is back for the 2013-14 Season!  Meet new company artist Eryn Richard, who just began her first season with the Charlottesville Ballet.


Name: Eryn Richard

Age: 22

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Role in C’ville Ballet: Company Artist


Eryn at Antelope Island. Photo courtesy Casey Grimley


Food: Peanut Butter–can’t live without it!

Color: Navy Blue

Book: Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind

Movie: Bridesmaids

Quotation: “There are far, far better things ahead than any that we leave behind.”-C.S. Lewis

Spot in C’ville: Circa…that place is dangerous for my wallet.  I want to buy everything!


Eryn hard at work in ballet class


Tell us about your dance background and training:

I started dancing at the age of 3 in Nashville, TN and then because of my dad’s job we had to move to Anchorage, AK where I trained at Alaska Dance Theatre.  While there, I was cast in both Alberta Ballet and Ballet West’s productions of The Nutcracker as a party girl.  We moved again to Spokane, WA where I trained with Ballet Arts Academy and Ballet School of Coeur d’Alene until I graduated from high school and moved to Salt Lake City, UT to dance with the Ballet Department at the University of Utah. I received my BFA in Ballet in the spring of 2013, and subsequently moved to Charlottesville.Eryn: new graduate!




What genres of dance do you enjoy?

I obviously love ballet, but I also enjoy character and Latin dance.


What kind of pointe shoe do you wear?

Freed Classic Pro

Eryn at the University of Utah.  Photo courtesy Luke Isley.

Favorite dancers or role models?

My hands down favorite dancer is Marianela Nunez, who is currently a principal with the Royal Ballet in London.  Her artistry and technical control/fluidity are two qualities that I admire very much.


Do you have a favorite ballet:

Kenneth McMillan’s Romeo and Juliet.  Absolutely breathtaking!


What is your favorite ballet step/movement?
I love any arabesque.  It just exudes classical ballet.
Eryn’s lovely arabesque, courtesy Luke Isley


Tell us, why do you dance?

I am a naturally shy person, but when I dance I can become whoever I want to be and can open myself up to other people through my movement.  Dancing helps me express things that can’t be accurately articulated with words and pushes me to better myself as both an artist and a technician.




What other jobs/activities/pursuits are you involved in?

I waitress at Wild Wing Cafe and am enjoying getting acquainted with Charlottesville!

What other talents or passions do you have?

I love horseback riding!  I used to show horses when I was younger.  I also have a passion for baking.  Baking something for someone when they are not expecting it can always turn a bad day into a good one.


Anything else you’d like to express?

If you have a dream or a passion that makes you happy, go for it 100% and never lose sight of why you are pursuing it. There are going to be rough patches and people who say, “You can’t do it,” but by persevering, working hard and believing in yourself you can make your dream true.  Never lose faith.

I also just wanted to thank my family and friends (you all know who you are) for always supporting me in the pursuit of my dream and for never losing faith in my ability to “make it,” even when I lost faith in myself.  I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for your constant love and encouragement.



Thanks for enjoying our “Meet the Artist” segment– and look for a new Charlottesville Ballet artist profile next month!

Photo by Andrea Shirey Photography

(c) Charlottesville Ballet 2013

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