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Charlottesville Ballet is leaping into fresh snow for The Nutcracker this season thanks to Massanutten Resort
As part of its Sponsor Spotlight series, Charlottesville Ballet features different Corporate Sponsors to share a little bit about what the ballet means to them. This month’s featured corporate sponsor is Massanutten Resort, Central Virginia’s favorite place for mountain fun!

For the 2018-19 professional season, Massanutten Resort inspired the quintessential “Land of the Snowflakes” scene in The Nutcracker — read below about how the “land of mountain fun” and “Land of Snowflakes” came together to create winter magic this holiday season!

Questions below are answered by Massanutten Resort staff:
How did your involvement with Charlottesville Ballet begin?
Our involvement with Charlottesville Ballet began with a photo/video campaign for the Nutcracker snow scene. (Charlottesville Ballet had been dreaming for a long time of taking the dancers up on the snow-topped mountains for an artistic endeavor – and it finally came true!)


CB Artist Regina DuPont pictured with a fabulous team member of Massanutten.


CB Artists Regina DuPont, Nanae Matsushima, & Derek Lauer striking a pose on top of the mountain!

Has your involvement with Charlottesville Ballet expanded your appreciation for the arts?
Yes – watching the ballerinas brave the cold in their costumes and dance about on top of snow was a beautiful sight to see. We just watched in awe and admired their strength and grace. 


There’s lots to do at Massanutten other than ski– and the dancers had a great time exploring during their visit! Company Artists Regina DuPont, Nanae Matsushima, and Derek Lauer had a great time exploring the gym facility and different food & beverage options! Warming up with hot chocolate was a great way to close out the photo shoot (but no eating in costume at home, kids!)
CB Artist Nanae Matsushima having fun in the snow!
Regina DuPont, Nanae Matsushima, and Derek Lauer having too much fun in the snow!

Charlottesville Ballet is extremely grateful for the support from its corporate sponsors who keep the arts alive and accessible in Central Virginia — and a very special thank you to the following individuals who made the dancers’ trip to Massanutten possible:

Matthias Smith
Allison Thompson
Wendy James
Sarah Elson & Marissa Andrick
Steve & Carol Krohn
Kahtra Kayton



Some of the fabulous Massanutten Team who keep fun-goers safe and happy!


Massanutten Resort’s Mission Statement:

To provide remarkable experiences in a safe and enjoyable environment. (Sounds a lot like Charlottesville Ballet’s modus operandi — joyful dance through health and wellness!) We hope you’re able to check out some mountain fun at Massanutten this holiday season — visit MassResort.com to add some REAL snow to the magic of your holiday season!

A HUGE thank you to Massanutten Resort for inspiring the “Land of the Snowflakes” this season and for keeping Charlottesville Ballet on its toes!

*See the snow-spiration in action at a performance of The Nutcracker this season! Visit CharlottesvilleBallet.org/Nutcracker for tickets, times, and info!

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