Sneak Preview of The UNEARTHING @ The Ix Building


Dear Blog Readers and C-ville Dance/Arts Supporters,

Co-Director Sara Jansen and I stopped by the Ix Building Complex last week and got a sneak peek of the upcoming site-specific work called the UNEARTHING.  I caught up with Zap McConnell and performers of The UNEARTHING during a rehearsal and I wanted to share this great project with friends of C-ville Ballet.  If you haven’t heard of the project, check it out!


The Unearthing from Marco Durán on Vimeo.


The UNEARTHING is an international exchange, art installation, dance theater performance, environmental fundraiser and saloon. The performance is the collaboration of twenty professional dancers, actors, and musicians from Mexico, California, Oregon, and Charlottesville. It is going to be a remarkable event and should stretch everyone’s concepts around what is possible. The UNEARTHING includes massive installations, kinetic sculptures, bicycle generators, local beer, live music, stunning movement, comedic scenes, and seed planting.  

Zap McConnell’s artistic vision is fueled by her belief that “cultivating imagination, making connections with community, and engaging the creative process can allow us to confront and solve the problems that we, as members of the global community, are facing.”

The Unearthing: One Word Promo 1 from Marco Durán on Vimeo.


In the performances of the  UNEARTHING, the artists “will create moving, visually-intense images based on our  research and our responses. We will poke fun at our own selves trying to live lightly as our carbon foot print is super large.”


Please help Charlottesville Ballet support this wonderful collaboration between artists, dancers, activists, environmentalists, and community members here in Charlottesville!

Cheers to Zap McConnell and to all of the people, businesses, and organizations involved in the UNEARTHING project– y Mucha Mierda!

Emily Mott

Co-Director, Charlottesville Ballet





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