2011/12- First Fridays

Miki Liszt presents the November First Fridays Dance Series featuring Charlottesville Ballet


New Work by Lynette Meynig

Elisa Alexander, Megan Giroir, Veronica Hart, Caitlin Lennon, Moira Price, Devin Sweet

New Work by Elisa Alexander

Veronica Hart; Kirsten Glaser and Devin Sweet; Melissa Raffanello

New Work by Veronica Hart

Elisa Alexander, Megan Giroir, Caitlin Lennon

Keith Lee’s Stained Glass from the Charlottesville Ballet repertory

Kirsten Glaser, Veronica Hart, Sara Jansen, Melissa Raffanello, Blake Seidel

New Work by Audrey Fenske

The Company


Please join us after the 7pm show for a Q&A Session with the dancers and choreographers.



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