Adaptive Dance Classes

Adaptive dance classes provide an opportunity for children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or any other developmental and intellectual disabilities to explore the joy of dance with a supportive and knowledgeable team. Charlottesville Ballet follows the guidance of the Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance Teacher training program as well as from pediatric physical and occupational therapists from Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. 

Classes are adapted to match the strengths and abilities of each dancer. Dancers will focus on creative movement, musicality, strength and flexibility, and coordination in a welcoming and structured studio environment. Intake forms are required upon enrollment to ensure that our faculty can help accommodate each child’s needs. Caregivers may observe and/or participate in classes if they wish. 

As we begin this new program, we acknowledge that we still have many areas of improvement to be more inclusive to those with disabilities, but we are actively learning and striving to make those changes.

We also welcome any child with a disability who feels comfortable in a more academic dance class setting, without an assistant or caregiver, to join in any of our First Steps Classes, Children’s division classes, or Student division classes at Charlottesville Ballet Academy (CBA). We recognize that no child learns the same; everyone has unique and diverse needs that deserve to be celebrated and included in all dance classes.

For any class suggestions, to request accommodations (like a class assistant or buddy for your child), or for any other request you would like to make for your child to be successful in their classes at CBA this year (ex. visual schedules, stim toys, time or space to decompress), please communicate in our parent portal or email CBA Principal, Heather Rogers at [email protected].

Downtown Location: IX Art Park at 949 Second Street SE

IX Art Park Location: Summer 2024 | Adaptive Dance

Downtown Location: IX Art Park at 949 Second Street SE

IX Art Park Location: Academic Year | Adaptive Dance

Summer 2024 CBA Calendar for the IX Art Park Location

June 12Classes Begin
June 19Juneteenth – NO CBA Classes
July 4Independence Day – NO CBA Classes
July 25Last Day of CBA Summer Classes

AY 2024-2025 CBA Calendar for the IX Art Park Location

September 3Classes Begin
October 31Halloween – NO CBA Classes
November 26 – January 5CBA Thanksgiving & Winter Break – NO CBA Classes
January 6CBA Classes Resume
January 20Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO CBA Classes
March 31 April 5CBA Spring Break – NO CBA Classes
May 23Last Day of CBA Academic Year Classes