Meet Eric Mount — Charlottesville Ballet’s NEW Development Officer

Happy May Charlottesville Ballet followers! We have exciting news: Charlottesville Ballet has hired its first ever Development Officer (yippee!) to help grow and sustain the ballet for its many many years to come. We asked Mr. Eric a few questions so you could get to know him a little bit better, as we’re sure you’ll see him around the studio often!
Meet Eric Mount, CB’s new Development Officer
What hours will you be in the studio to say hello?
You can find me around the studio on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 10am to 6pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening, from 12pm to 8pm.
What was your first experience with dance/ballet?
My first experience with ballet was attending The Nutcracker with my wife when living in Chicago. Seeing a performance every year has become a tradition. My wife comes from a ballet household — so it’s part of the family! 
How did you get into fundraising? How would you explain fundraising to someone just learning about it for the first time (or a young student)?
I used to work in counseling and learned about fundraising through work experience in the nonprofit field. I did some volunteer work for social service agencies and found it was a great way to support worthwhile organizations. I eventually decided to transition into fundraising full-time.
Fundraising makes it possible for organizations like Charlottesville Ballet  to offer performance and educational opportunities for everyone in the community. Without fundraising, classes would be very expensive and not everyone would have the chance to participate. When everyone participates in fundraising, organizations like Charlottesville Ballet can thrive.
What do you like most about Charlottesville Ballet so far?
The people! Everyone has been very welcoming, upbeat and enthusiastic about the organization. It’s fun to see the kids work so hard in and enjoy the classes. The parents and staff are truly passionate about Charlottesville Ballet and that’s really rewarding for me to have the opportunity to work with people who feel that way.
What about Charlottesville Ballet’s mission*** appeals to you?
What stands out to me is the value placed on wellness and community outreach. I think it’s important to live a balanced and healthy work/personal lifestyle. Also, I think it’s important for organizations to reach out to and engage schools and a diversity of people in the community (which Charlottesville Ballet does).

What do you want to learn more about the organization? (Any random questions?) 
I’d like to learn more about the fundamentals of dance. I enjoy the performances but would appreciate learning more about how the final product is put together.
Eric, learning one of the fundamental moves of partnering: a “fish dive”
Favorite Color?
Blue? Green? I like either or.
Favorite piece of music? (Classical or not) 
I don’t have one favorite piece. I listen to wide variety in terms of music – alternative, country, rock. I really enjoy seeing music live at small venues.
Favorite ballet (if you have one?) 
The Nutcracker. I Enjoy the story as well as the tradition of seeing over the holidays.
Favorite dessert for students to bring you?
I love chocolate chip cookies.
Eric practicing a partnered arabesque!
Dog or cat person?
Definitely dog person – although my wife and I have 2 cats.


***To elevate the art of dance through wellness, performance, education, and community outreach. Ms. Emily will have a special prize for any dancer who can recite this message from heart (interpretive dance to go along encouraged)!

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