2014/15 Mainstage Two Performance

 Performance: Saturday, March 14 at 4pm

The V. Earl Dickinson Building at PVCC

The Meeting

Choreographed by Mary Steward (2013)

Music by Tapiola Sinfonietta & Jean-Jacques Kantorow, Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra & Arnold Kaz, and Frans Helmerson with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra & Neeme Järvi

-Fratres for Strings and Percussion

-String Quartet No. 3 in F Major, Op. 73: II. Moderato con moto

-Pro et Contra – Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1966): III. Allegro

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Performed by Leah Abay, Lauren Dangelo, Elizabeth Grande, Samantha Holland, Caitlin Lennon, Megan McGlennen, Maisie Schwartz, Rachel Seeholzer, Mary Steward


Bright Days of Little Sunlight

Choreographed by Dinah Gray

Music: “Bright Days of Little Sunlight,” original score by Peter Swendsen, performed by Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Costumes: Dinah Gray, Emily Mott, Ali Brent

Performed by Omari Contaste*, Anna Daught, Elizabeth Grande, Samantha Holland, Caitlin Lennon, Maisie Schwartz, Rachel Seeholzer, Nina Staeben, Victor Smith


Letter To My Love

Choreographed by Rainey Lacey Jarrell (2011)

Music: Score created by Rainey Lacey Jarrell, Music by Doris Day, Glen Miller, Four Vagabonds, Louis Jordan, Rosemary Clooney, Helen Forest, Songs of the Soldier, Vera Lynn, Frank Sinatra, and Tommy Dorsey

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Costumes: Rainey Jarrell, Emily Mott, Nina Staeben

Performed by Leah Abay, Samantha Holland, Caitlin Lennon, Emily Mott, Rachel Seeholzer, Mary Steward


10-Minute Intermission


Inevitable Resonance

Choreographed by R. Colby Damon

Music: Arto Tuncboyaciyan

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Performed by Samantha Holland, Caitlin Lennon, Mary Steward

Omari Contaste*, Shady Mohamed, Victor Smith

Anna Daught, Elizabeth Grande, Jessica Grant, Daria Laemmerhirt, Megan McGlennen, Emily Mott, Maisie Schwartz, Kristen Soeters


Selections from The Firebird

Staged by Sara Clayborne

Music: “The Firebird Suite” by Igor Stravinsky

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Costumes: Susan Proctor, Cecile Antonov, Sara Clayborne, Felecia Baker

The Firebird: Felecia Baker*

Prince Ivan: Shady Mohamed

Princesses: Caitlin Lennon with Leah Abay, Elizabeth Grande, Samantha Holland, Daria Laemmerhirt, Rachel Seeholzer, Maisie Schwartz

With Students from the Charlottesville Ballet Academy: Abigail Brent, Isabelle Edwards, Kayleigh Jumper, Kate Kayton, Jacqueline Ould, Avery Snyder


Gopak Dance from “Taras Bulba”

Choreographed by Anton Korsakov, Staged by Victor Smith

Gopak or “hopak” is an original Ukrainian folk dance of an improvised nature. Its name is derived from hopaty: ‘to leap and stamp one’s feet’

Music: V. Soloviev-Sedoy

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Performed by Victor Smith


Enter Play

Choreographed by Kim Brooks Mata (2010)

Music: “Perpetuum Mobile” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra; score transcribed by Mathew Roth  and played live by:

Sonja Dillard (violin)
Hayley Rose (viola)
Madeleine Stout (cello)
Katherine Nies (piano)
David Brent (bongos)

Lighting: Heather Hutton

Costumes: Kim Mata, Emily Mott, and the Dance Program of the University of Virginia Drama Department

Performed by Samantha Holland and Mary Steward with Leah Abay, Omari Contaste*, Lauren Dangelo, Daria Laemmerhirt, Caitlin Lennon, Megan McGlennen, Jessica Grant, Maisie Schwartz, Rachel Seeholzer, Victor Smith


*Indicates individuals who are supported through the Sponsor A Dancer Program

Eryn Richard’s Performances Sponsored by Kay Clausen & Dianne Morris-Mitchell
Omari Contaste’s Performances Sponsored by Susan Proctor
Felecia Baker’s Performances Sponsored by Joe & Sharon Mott

Meet The Artists!
You Can Find Artist Bios Online at www.CharlottesvilleBallet.org/Meet-The-Artists

-Production Team-

Lighting Design: Heather Hutton

Sound & Multimedia:  Stephanie Hammer & Eryn Richard

Interview Videos: Emily Mott; special thanks to videographers Bill and Mary Beth Shaw

Theater Assistance:  Heather Lively, Kaitlyn McMillion, Eryn Richard

Costumes: Susan Proctor, Rainey Jarrell, Cecile Antonov, Felecia Baker, Nina Staeben, and the Dancers

Charlottesville Ballet Would Like To Thank: Dave Brent, Corey Clayborne, Larry Hugo, Heather Hutton, Steve Jernigan, Katherine Nies, Bill and Mary Beth Shaw, Keith Alan Sprouse, Kim Brooks Mata and the Dance Department of the University of Virginia

Supporting Organizations | Chance To Dance Outreach Program

The Hip Joint

Pacific Life Foundation

The Rotary Club of Albemarle

Individual Donors

Bill & Eleanor Adams
Josh & Cherish Alberts
Mathew Baskin
Anne Bear
Cynthia Berlin
Rebecca Berlin
Jean & Ralph Bradley
Dave & Ali Brent
Nancy Brockman
Lisa Brook
Georgia Buchanan
The Burbridge Family
Matt & Carol Caesar
Corey & Sara Clayborne
Kay Clausen & Dianne Morris- Mitchell
Roger & Marsda Conner
Wayne Conners & Missy Rand
Edward & Patricia Davis
Natasha Copeland
Robert & Leslie Damon
Karla Dofflemeyer
Alan & Llezelle Dugger
Edwin & Kathryn Dugger
Bob Godbey & Ellen Carson
The Durland-Jones Family
Nancy Freidl
Drs. Aaron Freilich & Amita Sudhir
James Gayfield
Carole Guillemin
Maureen Hagan
Thomas R. Hartka & Emily Mott
MaryAnn & Tom Hartka
William Haubert
Del & Lindsey Hepler
Bill Hines & Kathy O’Connell
Scott Holland
Sorin Holland
Gerald & Ann Holzapfel
John & Donna Jansen
Andrea Jarvis
Michael Jansen & Sarah Mies
Eric Jones
Ginny Kanter
David & Margaret Keppel
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Duth & Winkie Kuyk
Lynette Lanning
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Logan & Amy Martin
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Kerrington & Karen Moss
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Cheryl Norman
Edward & Kay O’Connell
Dennis & Susan Ould
Paul & Lourdes Page
Susan Pearce
Patricia Polgar-Bailey
Ruth Poole
Geoffrey & Linda Price
Susan Proctor
Michael Roth
Mark & Courtney Roberts
Bill & Mary Beth Shaw
Gerald & Ruth Shea
Kelly Silliman
Joseph Simpson
Margo Smith
Michael Smith
Drs. Bryan & Heather Snyder
Keith Alan Sprouse & Sarah Wells
Marie Sours
Robert Steen & Sue Knapp-Steen
William & Regina Steward
Frank L. Summers
William Taylor
Bethany Teachman & Brian Nosek
Natalie Testa
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Sherry Whaley
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Penny & Peter Work

Lindsay Benson Garrett
In Honor of Sally Hart
Joe & Susie Pozek
In Memory of Patrick Mott
Rebecca Brown
In Memory of Tilly Brown


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